The Sepro Group is constantly innovating to offer its customers cutting-edge products and technologies. The Group has given itself 3 years to renew its entire range and rethink its electronics. In 2020, more than 20 software and electronics engineers will be hired to meet these formidable challenges.

Redesigning the range, open integration, new electronics… A brief overview of the 2020 R&D challenges!

Redesigning our range of robots

Sepro is rethinking its entire range of robots. The objective? To offer robots that are even more efficient, more reliable, and perfectly meet our customers’ needs.

At the K trade fair in Düsseldorf last October, one of the stars at our stand was the new Success prototype.

The Success 22 X

Success will be available in a 3-axis version and a 5-axis version. The 5-axis version is a never-before-seen innovation, called “Success Line X”. It combines the capabilities of the Success 3-axis robot platform and the 2-axis wrist co-developed with Yaskawa Motoman, making the flexibility and efficiency of 5-axis technology accessible to all.

This new digital wrist is servo-controlled by an inverter designed and developed by Sepro, meaning it is possible to have a 5-axis robot with its electrical cabinet embedded in the robot beam!

At Sepro, we are convinced that 5-axis robots will become THE standard in the plastics industry.

Towards new electronics

Sepro Group is constantly investing and innovating to ensure that its robotic platform offers the best possible technologies to its customers. In 2020, a new version of this completely rethought electronic “brain” will see the light of day.

The team is still looking for talented minds to help bring this ambitious project to fruition. Want to join the team?

Smart Data with Visual Dashboard

Visual Dashboard is a “smart data” solution that allows you to monitor production in real time. The data collected includes cycle times, in-mould intervention times, and production and quality rates that are fundamental for calculating the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). Data collected from multiple cells can be consolidated on an existing MES system or integrated into a dedicated platform.

The Visual Dashboard demonstrator was shown for the first time at the K trade fair. This service will be available to our customers starting this year.

… And many more projects!

Advances in interactive technical documentation, more meticulous interactions between robots and IMMs, cobots for automation cells, and more: Sepro R&D never ceases to originate new ideas to push customer satisfaction even further!