Molders will be able to get a preview of speor’s future innovations at Fakuma, the international trade fair for plastics processing which will take place in Friedrichshafen.On Stand A1-1203, Sepro will also exhibit a total of six robots. Our newest small robots will be represented by the new Success 5, a 3-axis-servo Cartesian robot for IMMs up to 80 tons, the 3-axis S5 Picker, a 6-axis articulated-arm robot from the Sepro 6X Line, developed with Stäubli, and another small unit that is part of an entirely new line of “universal” 6-axis units offered in partnership with Yaskawa. This robot will be exhibited on a Milacron press operating on the stand. One of the smaller Cartesian units will be removing parts from a Sumitomo-Demag machine.


important plastic industry event seproEquiplast, October 2-6 in Barcelona, is another important fair for Sepro and we are exhibiting in Pabellón 3, Calle D, Stand 455. Small robots will be featured here also, with a Success 5 and S5 Picker on display, along with the larger 5-axis-servo 7X-45 and a 6X-205 from the Sepro-Yaskawa line. A Sepro Success 11 can also be seen at the Romi stand (Pabellón 3 , Calle D Stand 509), where it will be running on a 170 IMM.


Interplas plastic industry event seproAt Interplas, September 26 – 28 in Birmingham, UK, Sepro will have six robots on display in Booth D20. The new S5 Picker will be seen operating on a 75-ton Sumitomo-Demag IMM and other robots being shown include a 3-axis Success 22, a 5-axis 5X-25, and two 6-axis robots, a 6X-90L from the Sepro Stäubli line and a 6X-140 from the new small Sepro Yaskawa range. In addition, three other exhibitors will be using Sepro robots on their injection-molding machines. On stand H60, Haitian will demonstrate a 120-ton machine equipped with a 5X-15 unit. Billion (stand C4) will present a BX-25, the Billion version of the Sepro 5X-25, and Romi will display Sepro robots on two of their presses in booths C8 and D4. A Success 33 will operate on a 600-ton machine and a Success 22 will be running on a 220-ton IMM.


kunststoffen plastic industry event seproIn late September, Sepro will also exhibit at Kunststoffen in Veldhoven, The Netherlands. On Stand 132, Sepro will present one of the new small 6-axis articulated-arm robots — a 6X-70 built in partnership with Yaskawa – and a Success 5. Elsewhere in the show, Stork IM, Stand 18, will demonstrate an S5 Picker on a 98-ton press, and Chen Hsong will equip one of its molding machines with an S5-15 robot from Sepro.


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