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All SOLUTION BY SEPRO applications are operated by the extremely powerful and high-performance Sepro native Visual 3 control system.

Comprehensive automation solutions

These solutions are a combination of the various approved solutions in our range for turnkey cells controlled by our VISUAL 3 control system.

Packaging solutions

Solutions for packaging applications are designed with our Speed Entry side-entry robots, which are high-speed Pick & Place robots for packaging parts. Their modular design allows for two types of layout and four variants for supporting payloads ranging from 10 to 50 kg. For single Pick & Place, mould intervention time is 0.45 s minimum for a total cycle time of 2.8 s minimum. We can equip IMMs up to 500 tonnes. The different configurations proposed are for picking & placing from single-plate or double-plate moulds for different types of production.

IML solutions

Our range of packaging solutions with labelling was developed in cooperation with the IML systems expert, Machines Pagès. These solutions can be used for picking & placing from single-plate moulds for different types of production. By choosing IML Sepro-Machines Pagès, you are choosing an independent IML expert which can equip all brands of injection moulding machines up to 350 tonnes for affixing flat or wraparound labels to all types of parts (lids, pails, tubs, etc.). For affixing the label and picking & placing, mould intervention time is 0.9 s minimum for a total cycle time of 3.9 s minimum, depending on the type and depth of the part.


We prioritize the productivity, ergonomics and autonomy gains of your stations when choosing overmolding stations. They can be manual, semi-automatic or even automatic. 

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