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K's Challenge

The control software that Sepro has been developing is intended to be hardware independent. Not only can a single HMI be used to govern operation of multiple robots and peripheral equipment (conveyors, assembly/joining/marking systems, quality-control devices, packaging machines, and more) but essentially any HMI can be used. To improve the user experience and make it easier for operators with limited technical skills to work effectively with its robots, Sepro has been benchmarking well-known consumer digital devices - like smart phones or game tablets - for use as HMIs.  

As a proof-of-concept, and to study user reaction to different interface devices, one of the demonstration cells on the Sepro stand gave visitors a chance to choose the HMI they think will give them the most success in piloting a Sepro S5-15 Speed robot through a series of motions.

Choices include a smartphone, an Xbox controller, a Keba KeWheel, a gyroscopic pointer or a pendant controller. Those users who achieve the highest scores for agility and speed had their names entered on a “leader board” for all to see.

Sepro is assessing new interfaces of control, benchmarking consumer digital tools (smartphone, gamepad) in order to:

  • Simplify use of the machine
  • Data availability with any device
  • Smart user experience

Presented as a game of agility and speed, you have the opportunity to pilot a S5-15 Speed robot using several means of control. 

K's Challenge - cell in 3D

Cell 1 - Step by step

This cell is a game of agility where you are able to move the robot as fast as you can to aim for a dartboard. 

To do so, you manipulate the axes of the robots with a variety of sophisticated HMIs presented below:

K's Challenge - HMI

First, you have to sign-up on a tactile screen controller. The gameplay will guide you through each rounds: ​

  • First round: the system, better known as Karl selects a device for you.
    Guidelines are provided on how to move the robot and you will have 5 seconds to aim for the target.​

  • Second round: you are able to select another device of your choice to beat the system ​!
    (in competition with Karla if 1st round is won against Karl, otherwise versus Karl again).​

  • Feedback: you rate your experience to receive bonus points.​

  • At the end of the game, the top of the leaderboard will receive another surprise from Sepro Group!

Co-development with KEBA

This cell was co-developed as a joint R&D project between Sepro and Keba, two highly respected names in the plastics industry.

Combining Keba’s abilities as a leading supplier in the robotics and automation market along with Sepro’s robotic expertise in the injection molding industry, the two partners have begun driving innovation in terms of user experience on a cartesian robot cell.

To learn more about Keba, visit their website ! 

K's Challenge - K2022
K's Challenge video

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